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For a FREE in-home consultation call 1-866-966-1466
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What area do you cover?

Careforce currently provides service in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, from Windsor to Annapolis Royal. Our office is at 946 Park Street in Kentville.

Who pays for my care?

Many personal Insurance companies cover personal care. We are a registered provider with Blue Cross, Veterans' Affairs Canada, and the Workers' Compensation Board, and can direct bill for eligible individuals. Many other clients simply pay Careforce directly.

What are Careforce's rates/fees?

Initial in-home consultations with a Nurse are always offered at no charge. Careforce's rates depend on a number of factors - to see all of our rates or to arrange your free consultation, please call or email us at:
Phone: (902) 365-3155, Toll Free: 1-866-966-1466
Email: careforce@careforce.ca

How will I be billed?

You can choose between pre-authorized weekly payments, lump sum payments, or - in some cases - you may be invoiced bi-weekly. Please ask us for details.

How can I pay?

Careforce currently accepts cash, cheque, and electronic funds transfers. Please contact us to discuss these options.

How soon can you be here?

Our goal is to meet your care needs whenever they might occur. To ensure your needs are met, an initial nursing assessment is completed by our Nurse. Service can begin shortly thereafter, often the same day that you call.

I see that Careforce is a local worker cooperative. What does that mean?

Careforce is proud to be a local (Annapolis Valley) business, hiring local caregivers. Being a worker cooperative means that our business is owned by its employees (which means they are more heavily invested in providing first class care for our clients). When you call Careforce, you always get a human on the other end, and you can also count on Careforce to support local events and charities.

What is the free in-home consultation like?

When you call for a free in-home consultation, we will send our friendly Nurse to your home to meet with you (and any family members you may wish to have attend). To ensure the highest quality of personalized care, she will ask you some questions about your health and care preferences. This process normally takes 1-2 hours. You are under no obligation to choose Careforce during or after your in-home consultation; we will never pressure you.

How do you decide which caregiver(s) provide care for me?

After meeting you during the in-home consultation, Careforce will review your needs and choose caregivers we believe are best suited to meet your health needs. We will also ensure we choose caregivers who are a good match for your personality and preferred lifestyle.

I am a concerned family member. Can I be included in the care process?

Absolutely! Our experience has been that the more a client's family is involved in their care, the better. Our care team is always happy to sit down with a client's family members to discuss our approach, and how you can help ensure the best outcomes for your loved one.